Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

I incurred a nervous breakdown in 1974. My family gathered around me. We were in crisis. My father threw away a lucrative banking career and moved to the north woods. My sister got married five years before she wanted. My brother took me on every skiing, fishing, and hunting trip possible. My mother played golf and listened to me rage. We made it. You can too.

There’s more. I helped form a writers’ group and review plays for my local newspaper. I play handball in a league. I wrote a book about it all titled, Song For My Baby and Other Stories. It is available from Unsolicited Press.

Song for my Baby and Other Stories recounts the history of my mental illness, its medical treatment, and the life I led to replace bad times with good times. There are stories of duck hunting, downhill skiing, and handball; There are stories of friends who helped me and family who fought like stuck pigs for my life. There is one story of my idyllic childhood that helped me survive an illness I equated with Auschwitz.