Mental Health and College

I am a returning college student. The last time I darkened the door of the University of Minnesota was in 1980. I was nuts in those days. Not so now. A lot has happened, from jobs, to life, to health, to growing older. I survived two heart attacks and defeated my mental illness. The young people who surround me in my Introduction to the Short Story class are smarter than we were and more motivated. College is harder. The quality of education is higher. My teacher is better than I remember my old teachers. I walk past the mall that once held 50,000 students protesting the Viet Nam War. Now, students lay in its grass. My improving mental health allows me to go to college a second time. The U is free, since I am over sixty-five and a resident of Minnesota. I glory in what I learn, in class and outside of it. The students teach me much.

Published by Christopher G. Bremicker

Special Forces medic stationed at Ft. Bragg NC from 1968 to 1970. BA English and MBA, both from University of Minnesota. Fisherman, grouse hunter, downhill skier.. Plays handball and reviews theater. Present job at Walgreens in St. Paul MN is forty-sixth job since high school. Hometown is Cable WI.

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