Mentally Ill and Meds

I take a small dose of Geodon. It is good for anxiety and schizophrenia. I take Depakote too. It is for bipolar disorder. I have no side effects from these drugs, although they are beginning to cause a tremor in my left hand. My doctor prescribed Ginkgo Biloba to counteract this. Geodon makes me productive, a nice habit for a writer or a man who is active by nature. On Depakote, I have not had a manic episode in twenty years. I have been on other drugs, or cocktails of them: Thorazine, Haldol, Resperdal, and Stelazine for schizophrenia and lithium for bipolar disorder. The only drug of this group I liked was Stelazine. It gave me an erection. Thorazine made me salivate and shuffle. Haldol made my knuckles drag. Lithium made me defecate in my pants. I had a manic episode while taking it. I have been on Geodon for fifteen years. It helps me sleep. Good drug. I would be institutionalized without it.

Published by Christopher G. Bremicker

Special Forces medic stationed at Ft. Bragg NC from 1968 to 1970. BA English and MBA, both from University of Minnesota. Fisherman, grouse hunter, downhill skier.. Plays handball and reviews theater. Present job at Walgreens in St. Paul MN is forty-sixth job since high school. Hometown is Cable WI.

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